Rekha Biography


Rekha is daugher of the well known film superstar Gemini Ganeshan and actress Pushpavalli. Both of her parents were film stars hence studio became her playground. Film studio was like second home for her. Rekha started acting very early, at the age of Thirteen . She did not even know Hindi at that time. But she was a quick learner and learnt hindi in three months and dancing in one month. Her first film Sawan Bhadon done with with Navin Nischol, was released in 1970. Throughout the Seventies, she remained an insignificant entity in Bollywood with nothing but moderate success to her credit. Rekha turned out to be a smart girl. With the help of Yoga and make overs she underwent amazing transformation in early 1980s both physically and mentally, transforming from a plump, darkish, also-ran sort of leading lady to an athletic sexy looking damsel. This overnight transformation boosted her image in the Bollywood so much so that she reigned as number one for almost a decade! The transformation was so complete that it did not only change her appearance but also seemed to have enhanced her acting capabilities. It was at this stage that Amitabh Bachchan entered her personal and professional life. Their hits together like 'Mukaddar Ka Sikandar', 'Mr. Natwarlal', 'Khoon Paseena' and 'Silsila' made Amitabh-Rekha one of the most successful pairs on the Hindi screen. Her most memorable film is Umraoo Jaan in which she played the role of a court dancer with such charm and captivated the audience with her mastery of classical dances. She acted in over 20 films with the then reigning superstar Amithbh Bachchan with whom her reported love Affair culminated in Yash Chopra's art-imitating-life movie Silsila.