Waheeda Rehman


Chaudhvi Ka Chand Ho Ya Aftab Ho,
Jo Bhi Ho Khuda Ki Kasam Lajawab Ho.


Waheeda Rehman is one of the most talented golden era actress. She is considered the epitome of classic Indian beauty. She won the hearts of millions through her elegance, soulful eyes and acting skills. An actress like Waheeda was complete in herself, however untrained and unaware she may have been in the fine art of acting. Her finely chiseled features, her large eyes, her well-modulated voice were capable of expressing a range of human emotions. She was born on 14th May 1936 in Hyderabad. Her first film was Rojulu Marayavi in Telugu. Waheeha's first hindi film was C.I.D. Since then she has worked in more than 70 hindi movies.


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Waheeda Rehman - Poise & Perfection

Waheeda's Address:
Gharuda Banir Gala Road,
P.O. Hulimare, Bangalore